When the price moves up by more than 5%, reaching or exceeding the trailing price of 8,400 USDT, a buy order will be issued to the order book. When the price moves to its peak price at 18,000 USDT, the trailing price reaches 17,100 USDT. When the price moves down, the trailing stop price stops again. When the price moves down by more than 5%, reaching or exceeding the trailing price of 17,100 USDT, a sell order will be issued to the order book. To do this, first create a SELL order, then click select TRAIL LIMIT in the Type field and enter 0.20 in the Trailing Amt field. In a trailing stop limit order, you specify a stop price and either a limit price or a limit offset.

  • He has been a professional day and swing trader since 2005.
  • A trailing stop order works like a stop order, which is triggered once the stop price is reached and executed as a market order.
  • Trailing stops only move in one direction because they are designed to lock in profit or limit losses.

If the stock rises to $130, the stop loss price will have risen to $117, or 10% below the highest price realized while the position is on. Please note that there is no guarantee that your limit order will be executed. If the market price does not reach the limit price, your trade will remain unfilled on the order book. When the trailing delta is too large, the trailing stop can only be triggered by extreme market movements, which means you are taking on risks of unnecessarily significant losses.

Trailing Stop Limit Orders

You could receive different prices for parts of your order, especially for orders that involve large numbers of shares. If MEOW rises to $110, the stop price will update to $104.50, 5% below the new highest price. Webull Financial LLC is a member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash).

Trailing stops may be used with stock, options, and futures exchanges that support traditional stop-loss orders. Trailing stops only move in one direction because they are designed to lock in profit or limit losses. If a 10% trailing stop loss is added to a long position, a sell trade will be issued if the price drops 10% from its peak price after purchase. The trailing stop only moves up once a new peak has been established. Once the trailing stop has moved up, it cannot move back down.

Trailing stop-loss results

If the order fails to be executed due to risk management or other reasons, the order status will update to “failed,” and the system will not continue to place the order. For the rule to trigger, the price would now need to increase by 10% from the new Trailing Order Price of $1,150 and reach a price of $1,300 before the order triggers. Coinrule’s engine will always take the highest reached trailing order price from which to calculate the trailing decrease. This means that if you sell BTC at $43,000 but the price continues to increase say to $45,000, you are missing on the upside. At the same time, the rule would then buy back once BTC would drop by $250. In our example, if BTC dropped from $45,000 to $44,750, the rule would buy the drop.

Trailing Stop Order for Buy positions is used to protect profit as the instrument’s price rises and limit losses when its price falls. Trailing Stop Orders for Sell positions is used to protect profit when the instrument’s price falls and limit losses when its price rises. This feature is free of charge, but it is not guaranteed that your position will close at the exact price level you specify. A trailing stop loss is similar to a trailing stop limit order, but there are some differences. Both stop orders are designed to limit losses, and both allow an investor to benefit from the trailing aspect, locking in a better exit price as a trade moves in the investor’s favor.

Welles Wilder’s Parabolic SARis a further form of trailing stop. Follow the price up, and only sell when the price goes down by the percentage that you configure. Miners & PSP’s Automatically convert funds.Individuals Jumpstart your trading.Advanced traders Stay ahead of the curve. What a stop loss strategy also does is it gives you a disciplined system to sell losing investments, let your winners run, and invest the proceeds in your current best ideas.

IBD Live Q&A Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, Feb. 6, 2023 – Investor’s Business Daily

IBD Live Q&A Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, Feb. 6, 2023.

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Trailing stop limits are available for all “Smart” routed stocks, options, and on all futures exchanges which currently support traditional stop orders. By looking at prior advances in the stock you see that the price will often experience a pullback of 5% to 8% before moving higher again. These prior movements can help establish the percentage level to use for a trailing stop. You think MEOW will rise in value, but want to help protect yourself in case it falls in value. If you set your trail to 5%, your stop price will always remain 5% below MEOW’s highest price.

You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. For example, a company trading at $100 can decide to split it to $50. When this happens, your trailing stop order may be initiated prematurely because most brokers use data from third party providers. As mentioned above, a trailing stop order is relatively different from a standard stop loss.

Option investors can rapidly lose the value of their investment in a short period of time and incur permanent loss by expiration date. Losses can potentially exceed the initial required deposit. You need to complete an options trading application and get approval on eligible accounts. Please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before trading options. As with stop and stop-limit orders, different trading venues may have different standards for determining whether the stop price of a trailing stop order has been reached.

In this case, the stop will be implemented when the price moves below the current price by about 3%. For further information about Moomoo Financial Inc., please visit Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ’s BrokerCheck. Brokerage accounts with Moomoo Financial Inc. are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation . Moomoo Financial Inc. is a member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation , which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). SIPC does not protect against market risk, which is the risk inherent in a fluctuating market.

Can you lose money with a trailing stop?

A stop loss that is too tight will usually result in a losing trade, albeit a small one. A trailing stop that is too large will not be triggered by normal market movements, but it does mean the trader is taking on the risk of unnecessarily large losses, or giving up more profit than they need to.

The stop does not move back in the other direction. When the price moves in the opposite direction by a specified percentage, the trailing stop order will be executed as a limit order. When a trade does not move in the favorable direction, a trailing stop order can help you minimize losses and protect gains. With a spot trailing stop order, you can place a pre-set order at a specific percentage away from the market price.

In this example, we are going to set the limit offset; the limit price is then calculated as Stop Price – Limit Offset. You enter a stop price of 61.70 and a limit offset of 0.10. The trailing stop sell order is just the BTC reverse of trailing stop buy order. In the sell trailing stop order, the stop price follows or trails the highest price of the stock by a trail set by you.

Then set a trailing amount or percentage to limit losses. To create the trailing amount, place a sell order and then choose “trail” under order type. A trailing stock loss is an order that executes when the price of a security moves a percentage or dollar amount in a specified direction. To place a buy trailing stop order, the activation price must be lower than the market price.


Security futures involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all investors. The amount you may lose may be greater than your initial investment. Before trading security futures, read the Security Futures Risk Disclosure Statement. Structured products and fixed income products such as bonds are complex products that are more risky and are not suitable for all investors.

  • A trailing stop is more flexible than a fixed stop-loss order, as it automatically tracks the stock’s price direction and does not have to be manually reset like the fixed stop-loss.
  • These prior movements can help establish the percentage level to use for a trailing stop.
  • A trailing stop limit order is designed to allow an investor to specify a limit on the maximum possible loss, without setting a limit on the maximum possible gain.
  • In an attempt to help minimize potential costs, you set your trail to 5%.

Assuming XYZ has a current price of 20, you submit a sell trailing stop order with a 5 dollar trailing amount. When the market price rises, so does the stop price; when the market price falls, the stop price doesn’t change. A sell market order will be submitted as soon as the stop price is hit.

Please bear in mind that trailing stops are not guaranteed to execute and can be subject to slippage. This means that they may not be executed exactly at the level you’ve specified. It also depends on the market condition for your limit order to be filled. If the market price fluctuates rapidly within a short period, the limit order may not be filled as there were not enough counterparty orders to match your order. Please note that the orders on the order book are filled in chronological order.

By the same token, reining in a trailing stop-loss is advisable when you see momentum peaking in the charts, especially when the stock is hitting a new high. One of the most important considerations for a trailing stop order is whether it will be a percentage or fixed-dollar amount and by how much it will trail the price. To protect your account against overspending, we’ll over-reserve your buying power for stop buy orders and trailing stop buy orders. If MEOW rises to the stop price ($105) or higher, it triggers a GMT buy trailing stop buy market order. MEOW will be purchased at the best price currently available. Your stop price will start at $115.50, which is 5% higher than the current price of MEOW.

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